Mushrooms’ potency and effects can be classified in different ways, although they all tend to consider very similar parameters. All the brands we offer, whether breads previously prepared or magic mushroom spores ready to be inoculated, have mushrooms from different places and with different genetics, each of them with its own singularities in terms of the effect produced. Let’s see which are more suitable for a first experience.

This Dutch company offers different genetics in the form of ready to grow, inoculated breads, which is a really simple process. Some are really powerful and aren’t completely suitable for the first contact with this type of fungi, like Psilocybe McKennaii or the popular Golden Teacher. These types of mushrooms are best left for the more experienced.

Buy Magic Mushrooms for Beginners UK
Buy Magic Mushrooms for Beginners UK

In contrast, strains such as Psilocybe Mexican XP or Psilocybe Thai XP produce a milder and more manageable effect, much more suitable for those with no experience. Another optimal strain is Psilocybe cubensis Cambodian XP, which has a very similar effect, though perhaps more intense on the visual aspect.

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