Benefits of Microdosing

People microdose for many reasons; ranging from increasing their productivity and creativity to finding relief from pain, or to combat specific medical complaints. From the early days of Microdosing Institute, our team has been mapping the benefits of microdosing. Since 2015, we have been coaching and guiding people during their microdosing journeys and have assisted scientists in their microdosing research.

Throughout that time, we’ve seen first hand many of the reported benefits in our community of microdosers.  This has helped deepen our understanding of how and under what circumstances these benefits can be obtained. We’ve also learned a lot about some unwanted effects .

We always highlight that microdosing is not a magic bullet but a tool you can use to accelerate your process of awareness, maximize your healing, and take charge of your own life. It’s also important to note that the benefits reported below won’t always apply to everyone all the time or with all microdosing substances.

It is important to recognize that microdosers experience greater benefits when microdosing with proper preparation, intention, and integration. In all cases, the responsibility to actively integrate the gained insights into our lives lies with each one of us but a (microdosing) coach can certainly help with that process.

Below, we’ve compiled the most commonly reported mental, physical, and spiritual benefits experienced by microdosers.

Mental Benefits of Microdosing

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