Buy Shiitake 10ml (Liquid Culture) Online UK



Buy Shiitake 10ml (Liquid Culture) Online UK

Shiitake mushrooms are incredibly forgiving to grow on logs. Suitable for all skill levels, and a perfect mushroom for new participants in the wonderful hobby! Shiitake are delicious, with a meaty texture and a lovely savoury flavour. Buy shiitake 10ml liquid culture for sale online in the UK. Grow your perfect mushrooms from top quality spores.

Fruits well on oak, sweetgum, poplar, and other hardwood species. Recommended for temperate climates, this one can fruit in most climates experiencing a cool transition period at any time of the year.

Avoid : conifers, fruit trees, elm, hackberry, sassafras, soft maples (red and striped), dogwood, black locust, beech, hickory

Liquid Culture

Liquid culture syringes are different to spore syringes. Liquid cultures are already growing mycelium that is captured inside a vessel. The mycelium floats around in a suspended nutrient solution, ready to be injected into its new home so it can grow and multiply.

The main benefits of liquid culture is the speed at which the growth after inoculation will be. Although it’s worth keeping in mind during the colder months that during shipping it can hit below 0c so will be slower to start up.

It can be best to start out on sterilised grains and then expand the culture out. This is a very fast-growing, resilient strain and produces absolutely delicious mushrooms. Our shiitake 10ml liquid culture will go a long way for you.


  • procured from the finest commercial samples
  • Viking guaranteed 100% contaminate free, or we will replace it
  • high-output isolated sub-strain


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