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Huautla Magic Mushrooms

Huautla Magic Mushrooms originate from the city of Huautla de Jimenez in Mexico. This mushroom is great for virtually any use, fun with friends, a social setting or personal growth. Furthermore, it is the most well-known shrooms for carrying out a spiritual load unequaled in Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms.

Origin of Huautla Cubensis Magic Mushrooms

Huautla Psilocybe cubensis is arguably the oldest scientifically classified Psilocybe cubensis mushroom and named after the village of Huaulta de Jimenez in Mexico. Huaulta is one of the first mushrooms credited with introducing psilocybin to the modern western world. Maria Sabina is a very famous Mazatec shaman who lived in the Oaxacan mountain village of Huautla de Jiménez. This is where she introduced psilocybin mushrooms to Gordon R. Wasson, the American Ethnobotanist. And  of course, mycologist, when he became the first Caucasian person from America to have experienced a magic mushroom ceremony.

Formerly, Maria Sabina was the first known shaman to allow Westerners participate in the Mazatec psilocybin ritual. Also, she received many prominent visitors, including Aldous Huxley (English writer and philosopher) and John Lennon. Some have said that Walt Disney visited Sabina on six separate occasions to consume psilocybin mushrooms with her.

The Spiritual Magic Mushroom

Firstly, the Huautla Psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom carries with it a spiritual load unequaled in Psilocybe cubensis. Also, Huaulta mushroom induces a spiritual experience along with feelings of deep connection to others. Furthermore, this leave a sense of profound calm peace and unity. The physical characteristics of Huaulta are medium sized mushrooms with thinner stalks slightly darker caps. Huautla Psilocybe cubensis is an easy fruiter.

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