Liberty Caps Magic Mushroom for sale UK

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Origin: Oaxaca, Mexico

Starting Dose: Take 1g and wait for 3hrs

Onset Time: 20-60 mins

Duration: 4-8 hrs


Liberty Caps Magic Mushrooms for sale UK

Oaxaca, Mexico


The main psychoactive component in liberty caps, psilocybin, works on the portion of the brain that helps regulate both arousal and panic responses to different stimuli. Unlike LSD, liberty caps do not always cause significant visual hallucinations. It differs by affecting and distorting how people that are on the drug perceive the reality around them. They often experience relatively large degrees of distorted perception for several hours after ingestion.

Once ingested liberty caps can take effect and enter the system in about 30 minutes. After this, the effects will increase to a plateau, where they will remain for approximately 4-6 hours following the dosing. In rare cases this change in perception can actually last for days after consumption, often leading to a significant effect on the life of the user.


One of the main effects is the misidentification of the mushroom initially. This leads many people who would not otherwise jeopardize their safety, to do so, sometimes with a tragic outcome. This is becoming increasingly rare, thankfully, due to the increased efforts of police and legislators in preventing lookalike sales of poisonous mushrooms.

The other dangers and risks are often attributed to the potency or the dosage ingested. Most people will consume their liberty caps as part of a prepared and brewed tea, while others will incorporate it into a food item to mask the unpleasant taste. There are also people that will dry and crush the liberty caps and either encapsulate them in predetermined dosages or mix them into chocolate bars.

The potency of liberty caps will depend on several factors, including the species of mushroom, its origins or where it was grown, the growing conditions, the maturity or harvest period, and whether the user will consume them in a fresh or dried state. The amount of psilocybin found in the dried mushrooms is concentrated more than ten times compared to the amount found in fresh liberty caps.

There has been some experimental medical use with limited acceptance in the US, mostly for treating headaches, hospice anxiety, depression disorders, and other anxiety disorders. Even though the ritual use dates back thousands of years in South American cultures. In the largest number of cases, however, it is used in a decidedly recreational fashion.

The effects felt or experienced by the user are largely similar to LSD, and include altering the perception of the user to large degrees, as well as changes in mood, expression, and feelings. Additional effects will often include:

  • Euphoria and feelings of unity with everything around them
  • Exceedingly peaceful mentality
  • Spiritual awakening and transcendence
  • Rapid mood changes or swings
  • A growing feeling of detachment to the current reality, or feeling as if it is not fully real, also known as derealization
  • Feeling a sense of connection, but disengagement, from the objects and people that surround the user, this is also known as depersonalization
  • Distorted or irregular thought patterns
  • Distorted, altered, or enhanced visualizations, such as extremely vivid colors, and halos of light around people or things

Some state Liberty Caps magic mushrooms are really gentle on the body, as well as do not bring down the temperature of the body as much. Individuals likewise report that Liberty Cap magic mushrooms do not make you grind your teeth as high as various other stress, and this is what enables you to focus a lot more on the spiritual impacts.

Micro 0.1g – 0.25g
Light 0.25g – 1g
Common Beginner 1g – 2.5g
Normal Spiritual 2.5g – 4.0g
Strong 4.0g – 5.5g
Hero/Psychonaut 5.5g +
The above dosage chart is just meant as a rough guideline. Many variables such as tolerance, metabolism, experience, diet, weight, current medications, state of mind can all have a profound effect on dosage.
Method of ingesting the psilocybin magic mushrooms can change the dosage. Mushroom tea, mushroom edibles, lemon tek.
We have a magic mushroom dosage calculator for you to check out as well.
Medium Potency
Rare Mushroom

What Are Liberty Caps?

Psilocybe semilanceata is a species of mushroom commonly known as liberty caps. They produce a pair of potent psychoactive hallucinogenic compounds psilocybin and baeocystin and are one of the most widely occurring hallucinogenic mushrooms in nature as well as one of the most potent.

They have a very generic appearance, featuring bell-shaped or even conical caps with a small protrusion at the very top. They have a number of unique visual identifiers, but since they resemble many other potentially deadly mushroom species, they should not be sought in nature despite their wide distribution. They are mistaken for these poisonous varieties relatively often, and many times result in a fatality.

Liberty caps have been known and documented as an intoxicant since 1799 when they were first ingested by a British family. They were studied much more in-depth in the 1960s, where a Swiss scientist first identified the psilocybin compound in a European mushroom variety.

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