Research into psychedelic mushrooms is still rather limited as you might imagine. Even with some clinical trials from various companies and organizations, we’re still waiting to hear more about their findings, even if preliminary results are positive. As far as microdosing goes, most of the results are user-reported among people who are advocates for its use for a variety of conditions. However, there is a notable study that weighed in on categories of benefits of microdosing magic mushrooms. 

The results reported the following categories of benefits. 

The benefits of microdosing

As described in the study and chart above, here were the following benefits of microdosing, ranked by most reported to least reported.

And there are other studies to back up microdosing and its effects on mental health, including this one here. The study concluded that those who microdosed, compared to the group that did not, saw greater improvement in mood and mental health.

And this is why microdosing is really gaining in popularity.

Microdosing for depression and anxiety

Mental health is a growing concern in our society. And it’s not just about severe forms of disease like depression. We live in a society where most people experience a significant amount of stress. From work, to family and home life, we are all under some form of pressure and this begins to compound and stack up against ourselves.

We become more stressed, we may choose unhealthy solutions to try to help, and eventually, before we know it, it can lead to a lack of energy, lack of creativity, lack of motivation, and more.

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