What is microdosing  

The premise of microdosing is simple. It involves administering very small doses of a psychoactive substance, such as psilocybin, the main psychoactive substance in mushrooms, or LSD. This allows you to experience the therapeutic benefits of the substance whilst avoiding any intense psychoactive effects. 


Microdosing is believed to have first become popular around 2010. Under intense pressure in their jobs, Silicon Valley coders were looking for ways to increase productivity, focus and creativity in order to gain an advantage in their career.

What is Microdose Mushrooms exactly used for in London UK?
What is Microdose Mushrooms exactly used for in London UK?

They discovered the research of American posychologist James Fadiman, who had written extensively about microdosing. Fadiman theorised that by taking small quantities of psychoactive substances one could enhance creativity and productivity with minimal side effects. The coders began taking small amounts of LSD and found their productivity and focus increased dramatically. This didn’t go unnoticed and, before long, workers in a wide range of industries were reaping the benefits of microdosing.  

Microdosed Mushrooms are used for the following reasons which maybe for recreational or health purposes.

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