It’s mushroom season in the northern hemisphere. And that means that the green and pleasant fields and forests of the UK are littered with fungi – some of it of the psychedelic variety. 

But where exactly should you be looking for magic mushrooms? Where do they grow? And how can you identify them?

This useful guide will tell you all you need to know to find wild magic mushrooms in the UK. Happy foraging! 

You shouldn’t have to go far to find some magic mushrooms in the UK. Local parks, common recreational areas, race tracks, woodland and country paths are all potential growing spots. 

The most common type of magic mushroom to grow wild in the UK are Liberty Caps (psilocybe semilanceata). These small, brown shrooms are quite easy to recognise thanks to the small nipple-looking lump on the top of the cap. 

One of the many brilliant things about mushrooms is the resilience that is afforded to them by their underground network of mycelium. This subterranean body (which truffles are part of) allows mushrooms to remain mostly dormant before shooting out of the ground in mere hours. 

Therefore, timing is very important when searching for magic mushrooms. 

Autumn is the best time for magic mushroom hunting in the UK. This is because most fungi love the wet, mild conditions in our countryside.

The months of September to November are most productive for foraging. 

You’ll maximise your luck by going out the day after a night of light rain. You may even want  to check the same locations more than once as mushrooms can spring up overnight. 

Dry weather and cold are not conducive to hunting mushrooms. If it’s uncharacteristically hot or there’s frost on the ground, don’t bother.

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