If you are looking for a powerful psychedelic experience that can take you beyond the boundaries of ordinary reality, you might be interested in DMT. DMT is a naturally occurring substance that is found in many plants and animals and has been used for centuries by indigenous cultures as a sacrament and medicine.

DMT is not a recreational drug that you can take casually or frequently. It is a potent substance that can induce profound mystical states, altered perceptions, and visionary experiences. Some people report encountering otherworldly beings, travelling to different dimensions, or accessing higher levels of consciousness. Others describe feeling a sense of awe, wonder, love, or bliss. Some people also report having difficult or challenging experiences that can be frightening or overwhelming.

DMT is not for everyone. It requires careful preparation, intention, and guidance. It can also have serious risks and side effects if not used properly or responsibly.

The trial will initially give the drug – known as the “spirit molecule” for the powerful hallucinogenic trips it induces – to healthy individuals, but it is expected to be followed by a second trial in patients with depression, where DMT will be given alongside psychotherapy.

The psychedelic drug breaks up all of the ruminative thought processes in your brain – it literally undoes what has been done by either the stress you’ve been through or the depressive thoughts you have – and hugely increases the making of new connections.

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